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SCOUBIDOU strings, are plastic hollow strings, they are called SCOUBIDOU strings, some like to call them scoobies. The Scoubidou strands have very, nice bright colours and are about 80 cm. With these Scoubidou strands you can knot very nice keychains, bracelets, or even animals. You will find lots of knotting techniques to knot with scoubidou strings.

Be warned, when you start to do scoubidou, you might never stop, it is very addictive!
All about how to make scoubidou knots you will find on this site!

Not only the young people love to knot with scoubidou strands, most adults like it too! It is a great educational way for all people, it will stimulate the imagination and creativity. Knotting with scoubidou strands has a positive effect on the coordination skills.

The Scoubidou conquered lots of countries. In FRance, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Italy they are a big hit.

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