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A nice knotting craft with Scoubidou strand is the Snake. By putting flexible wire in the middle, you can bend the snake into all kinds of shapes and you can also use this as a decoration for all kinds of fun things. You will need 4 scoubidou strands and a short strand of 15 cm, a piece of flexible wire and two eyes.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4
We start with making a knot in the four strands (see picture 1). Then we push the wire into the middle of the four strands (see picture 2) and knot around the wire with the round knot. Make plenty of knots. Then you can remove the big knot, cut the wire and pull the last two knots tight and cut the ends short (see picture 4). Now knot with the other side around the wire till the strands that you are knotting with are about 15 cm long.

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8

photo 9

Now add another piece of Scoubidou strand, so we can knot with 6 ends. An explanation on how to add a strand can be seen on the page ‘extending strands’ with 8 knots. . Now cut the wire short at about 0.5 cm (see picture 6). Then place the red or pink Scoubidou strand around the piece of wire (see picture 7). Cut the red or pink strands halfway, so that a split/forked tongue will appear. (see picture 8) Now knot about another ten knots and cut the outside two strands short, and make two more knots with four strands. Glue the eyes on the snake

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